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I am trying to make a core java class implement an interface. I am trying something along the lines of:

(extend-protocol clojure.lang.Seqable
  (seq [this] (seq (str this))))

but this does not seem to work because Seqable is just an interface and not a protocol. Is it possible to make (seq 123) work? how was seq implemented for java.lang.Strings?

proxy also does not seem capable of doing this.

I know I must be missing somethnig really obvious here.

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Not possible. clojure.lang.RT/seqFrom has special cases for a number of java builtin types, like Collection and String, and you can't add your own for classes that don't implement Seqable directly.

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Thank you, I wonder whether it would have been possible when clojure was designed to make Seqable a protocol or whether it really had to be a special case. – WuHoUnited Jan 6 '13 at 15:45
@WuHoUnited When Clojure was originally implemented, they did not have protocols. My understanding though, was that they used them with great success when implementing Clojurescript. – Bill Mar 19 '14 at 20:51

If the java class implements Iterable, and is wrapped in seq, you could use it as a sequence, with certain restrictions.

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