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Please help, I have a very wierd error here, while I trying to compile project. Console says:

03:17:23 ** Auto Build of configuration Default for project MyProject * bash ndk-build all make.exe: C:\workspace/MyProject/build/core/build-local.mk: No such file or directory make.exe: ** No rule to make target `C:\workspace/MyProject/build/core/build-local.mk'. Stop.

03:17:24 Build Finished (took 654ms)

So I'm trying compile code from book "Android NDK for Beginnners". First of all, an author telling to convert java project to C++ project. Once I did it - an error appears. To fix it I need to build library with ndk-build , an autor offers to make changes in project properties, exactly go to Builders and change default build command to ndk-build, but thats woun't work without bash word before it. So when I figured that out and tried to build the project - an error occures.

Help please, I can' find the solution.

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Your book is probably outdated, or it does not address Windows environment. On Windows, instead of ndk-build command or bash ndk-build, use ndk-build.cmd. Download and ise the latest version of NDK.

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Thanks, it helps a lot! You save my day! ) –  user1496491 Jan 6 '13 at 11:06

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