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I need help to obtain following results:

Table A

A_ID     A_No
1        40
2        41
3        42
4        43
5        44

Table B

B_ID  A_ID   B_Type
1      2     70
2      2     70
3      2     60
4      2     50
5      2     70
6      4     40
7      4     60

I need to obtain the following result

A_No  B_Type (Maximum no)
41    70
43    60

Thank you

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join the two tables, then you just need group by and max –  Martin Smith Jan 5 '13 at 23:53

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Assuming A_ID and A_No are both unique, if not you would have to include A_ID in the GROUP BY clause, but if you don't include it in the SELECT you could have possible duplicates, which may not be what you want?

Select A_No, MAX(B_Type) as B_Type
From tableA a join tableB b on a.A_Id = b.A_Id
Group by a.A_No

Does that work?

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