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Say I've got a cars collection. I would like to be able to search and find the different makes which the cars in my collection posses using regular expressions.

I know that

db.collection.find( { make: { $regex: 'chev', $options: 'i' } } );

Will return all the documents with the closest (same) matching make, followed by the second closest (same) matching make, followed by the 3rd etc.

How can I build a query so that once a regex query matches a make, it does not return any more documents with the same make?

For example, I have the following documents:


How would I query the collection so that it returns (capitalization not important):

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In the aggregation framework in 2.2 you can do a group:

    array('$match' => array('make' => new MongoRegex('/chev/i'))),
    array('$group' => array('_id' => '$make'))

Since it doesn't make much sense to bring back the _id from the collection upon grouping this will actually return:

{_id: 'chevy'},
{_id: 'chevrolet'}
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This looks good, I'll find out more about aggregation and get back to you. Thanks :) –  styke Jan 6 '13 at 1:07

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