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This is a simple question. How do I put a gradient on a x3dom shape? I have this:

        <material diffuseColor='green'></material>
    <box height="1" />
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unfortunately its not possible on most primitive shapes i found this thread on x3d list http://www.web3d.org/x3d/publiclists/x3dpublic_list_archives/0504/msg00104.html

here is how you can do it on a cylinder notice the pixel texture, thats the meat and potatoes:

<NavigationInfo headlight='FALSE' type='"EXAMINE" "ANY"' />
<DirectionalLight ambientIntensity='0.5' direction='1 -0.5 -1' />
<Viewpoint DEF='VP1' position='0 0 10' orientation='0 1 0 0' fieldOfView='0.785398'      description = "Front" />
 <Transform translation='0 0 0'> 
      <PixelTexture image='1 2 3 0xFF0000 0x0000FF' repeatS='FALSE' repeatT='FALSE' />
    <Cylinder height='4' />
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