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 $word ="50%";
 $searchSQL = "SELECT * FROM discounts WHERE keyword LIKE '%$word%' ";

when I execute this query it returns no results. I assume the issue is the % sign which is a wild card in mysql. what would be the correct way to search for that $word

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try something like this,

 $word ="50%";
 $searchSQL = "SELECT * FROM discounts WHERE keyword LIKE '%$word%' escape '%'";

As a sidenote, the query is vulnerable with SQL Injection if the value(s) came from the outside. Please take a look at the article below to learn how to prevent from it. By using PreparedStatements you can get rid of using single quotes around values.

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yeah I have $keyword mysql escape string and strip_tags to avoid that. –  cppit Jan 6 '13 at 5:58
interesting. Thank you –  cppit Jan 6 '13 at 6:06
+1 ...and answer in comment link is better than votest in How to prevent SQL injection in PHP? –  NullPoiиteя Jan 6 '13 at 6:24

You try to search the %? If not, change keyword = '%$word%' to keyword LIKE '%$word%'. If you do, escape the % with: LIKE '50\%' ESCAPE '\'":

$word ="50\\%";
$searchSQL = "SELECT * FROM discounts WHERE keyword LIKE '%$word%' ESCAPE '\' ";
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this is perfect didnt know you could escape using sql.I was going to use the php addslashes(); –  cppit Jan 6 '13 at 5:54

You have to add a leading slash before special chars when doing a query in MySQL. So like this:

$word = "50\\%";
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what if it comes from a form ? –  cppit Jan 6 '13 at 5:50
I guess use addslashes. thanks Vahid –  cppit Jan 6 '13 at 5:50
yes. When using special chars like % you have to add leading slash. –  Vahid Farahmand Jan 6 '13 at 5:54
have you tried? does it solved the problem? –  Vahid Farahmand Jan 7 '13 at 3:04

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