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I having some trouble in my search.aspx page (Search Page)

This is my code:

<asp:AccessDataSource runat="server" ID="AccessDataSource1" DataFile="_private/records.mdb" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [DriversRecords] WHERE ([LastName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%') OR ([FirstName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%')">
   <asp:formparameter FormField="LastName1" Name="FirstName" Type="String" />
   <asp:formparameter FormField="LastName1" Name="LastName" Type="String" />

When I type the first name in text box...It's Working the same when i type the last name.

But when i'm trying to combine them such us I'm going to type in textbox : "George Santos" the result is "No data found"??

Combing two columns returns to null?? How to do it?

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Try this SQL instead:

SELECT * FROM [DriversRecords] WHERE [FirstName]+' '+[LastName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%'

Concatenating the 2 columns (FirstName + LastName with a single blank space in between ' ') and then searching for the full name will give you a match provided that George Santos is there in the database. :)

If you want to allow multiple ways of searching you can also do this:

SELECT * FROM [DriversRecords] WHERE
([LastName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%') OR
([FirstName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%') OR
([FirstName]+' '+[LastName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%')

Here's a SQLFiddle to test this out:!6/ae63a/6

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"The server tag is not well formed" SelectCommand="SELECT * FROM [DriversRecords] WHERE ([LastName]+" "+[FirstName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%')" Please help – Peterson Pilares Jan 6 '13 at 6:17
Try this: SELECT * FROM [DriversRecords] WHERE [FirstName]&' '&[LastName] LIKE '%' + ? + '%' – Leniel Macaferi Jan 6 '13 at 6:21
STILL ERROR SHOWS "THE SERVER TAG IS NOT WELL FORMED" :((( – Peterson Pilares Jan 6 '13 at 6:28
PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks for you answer. I just edit your code a little. i changed the (") into (') single quotation. Thank you again. :) – Peterson Pilares Jan 6 '13 at 6:39
+1 However, it is really unsafe to use a plus sign as a concatenator in MS Access SQL. If either of the fields are null, null will be returned. The usual concatenator is ampersand ( & ). – Fionnuala Jan 6 '13 at 10:07

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