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I want to add data (string) to one of the blank row in core data (iOS). How do you do that?

e.g : I have an entity of STUDENTS and in that entity has 3 attributes : index, name, age. the 3 attributes are filled with data, let's say it has 10 row of data. But on index 9 the attribute of name has no data (blank space). How do you fill that blank space ?

I can't describe it clearly because I can't upload an image yet.

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You shouldn't think of Core Data as a database with rows and columns. It is an Object Graph and Persistence framework. So you deal with Objects (like rows) and object properties (like columns). So once you have fetched or created some objects you set their properties.

If you haven't created NSManagedObject subclasses from your object model then you have to use the KVC accessors:

[student10 setValue:@"William" forKey:@"name"];

If you do create subclasses you can use Objective-C properties. = @"William";

I recommend reading more about Core Data in the Apple Documentation to gain a proper understanding of the framework. They also have some tutorials I think.

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