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In my application I need to add some string to a list and print them back. Problem is when I print them I can see the letters has inter change whithing the word.The word is in Arabic. (before 4.2 android doesnt support natively for Arabic). What I tried was using several Arabic rendering classes such as fursi class and Arabi utility class. Nothing is helped me.

Here is the word ٣.. ما زاد على actually this part ٣.. should be the first it always goes to right as I have shown. Is there way to solve this thing. this is the one and only bug to hold the application to add to market :(

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Oh, ouch! Arabic is worse than Hebrew in this aspect because Arabic has its own digits! Right!

I once had a similar problem on Windows, with symbols that weren't treated exactly as Hebrew but also not exactly as non-Hebrew. The only way I found to fix this was to split the string into two - print the problematic symbols (your 300) and then print the rest of the string.

I thought that with Unicode things has gotten better. I guess not always.

UPDATE: In a comment you said the translation of the string was 3.. . In Arabic, zero and a dot look very similar (which is why I confused a dot with a zero). Perhaps the person responsible of the input typed it wrong, not being fluent in Arabic, as well? 3.. doesn't make a lot of sense (3. does, and so does 300, but 3.. ?). Check the input, it might be wrong, and that can confuse the layout algorithm.

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I don't know Arabic. When I translated the string in google translate, it shows 3.. . this is a zakat applicaiton. Now I run it on mobile deveices but I see same issue again. But on emulator it works as I expected. Even in SO and google translation, it changes to my problematic style to automatically.However, I thought to set it as a image in my application spinner. – mankadanka Jan 7 '13 at 6:44
Can you guess why emulator and mobile device behave differently? – mankadanka Jan 7 '13 at 6:57
The emulator is known not to be a perfect emulation of the device. You might even find another device that behaves better. RTL is a big pain. – zmbq Jan 7 '13 at 7:10
Oh, and another tip. When you want to develop something in a language you don't know, you really want someone who knows the language next to you. I once translated a program to Japanese - the Japanese speaking person found many embarrassing mistakes, even though I only copied strings. – zmbq Jan 7 '13 at 7:13

I can't technically understand the reason behind my action to correct above issue. However this is it . ` I reverse the word and separated letters by "+" and added to the list.It is amazing !

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