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AppController = Ember.ArrayController.extend
cat_id: ''
subcat_data: (->
  App.Subcategory.find({ parent_id: @get("cat_id") })

categorySub: (->
 result = Ember.A()
 for category in this.toArray()
    @set('cat_id', category.id)
    @sub = @get("subcat_data")
    console.log @sub
      category: category
      subcategories: @sub.toArray()

).property('@subcat_data', '@each')

Now in console.log @sub display the content of zero objects

DS.AdapterPopulatedRecordArray:ember768> { query={...}, content=[0], store=, more...}

But when i check in firebug DOM it shows the content of objects content [17, 18]

What i am doing wrong here?

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If you're using Ember-data, the content of an ControllerArray is not filled right away, when you ask for its content through the console.log, Ember-data returns a Promise, an empty object, RecordArray, whose content will be filled at some point in the future. By the time you check the content in the DOM, the content is already filled. A better way to validate this is to call console.log only when the content is filled.

contentDidChange: function() {
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