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On large team projects, I've needed to manually edit the Ant Buildfile. On small programs I've written from scratch, I haven't needed to make or edit any sort of helper files for the build (e.g. never written a Buildfile for Hello World"). So my questions are:

  1. On those smaller projects, how is the program ever being built?
  2. What kinds of projects will build automatically, and what kinds of projects require a Buildfile that needs to be manually edited?
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No project built with Ant will ever build automatically without creating a build file.

Ant doesn't do anything without a build file.

Maybe your IDE generates one for you, or maybe you're not even using Ant to build your small project.

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The build.xml came first, IDE support followed.

IDE will generate a default build.xml file for you. You will have to customise it to adjust to any custome requirement.

Actually any work done out side IDE would require a decent build.xml file. For example code coverage using a different tool that what your IDE gave , static code analysis like findbugs.

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Thanks for the answer, very helpful. Protip: 'messing up' means something different to 'messing with'. – chm Jan 8 '13 at 11:14
@ chm052 : thanks for the correction. removed that from answer. – Jayan Jan 8 '13 at 11:53

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