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I developing android application in windows xp 32bit platform, I am using "adt-bundle-windows-x86" latest IDE. I have developed an application in android which is behaving like a server . And on other end developed a Java program in “eclipse-java-juno-SR1-win32_new” which is behaving like a client.

Now I can able to send string from Android application which is running on Android Emulator to Java application which is running on the same host machine.

To do this I have redirected the host port to virtual emulator’s port as follows:

redir add tcp: host port:virtual emulator port

ex: redir add tcp:3000:2000

from this I can able to communicate (Through TCP Scoket) between local host machine and Android emulator which is running on the same host.

IP and port details:

Localhost IP and port : and 3000
Emulator IP and port : and 2000

Instead of using my local host IP as, if I use the real IP address, then communication is not happening, on java program side its giving error.

My requirement is, I need to establish the communication between Android Emulator which is running on my pc( and other host (say IP: in the same network.

How can I redirect Android Emulator’s IP and port to other host on the same network ?

Please help me, I am already in the ending stage of my project, If I finish this work means my work will get over.
Thanks in advance…..

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The following questions may be helpful: this one and this one. –  Stan Jan 6 '13 at 9:48
Hi Stan, I checked but don't no how to use that C code. –  Mars7285 Jan 7 '13 at 7:36

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