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I am trying to place a YouTubePlayerSupportFragment within a SlidingDrawer view. However, when it runs the video is stopped after 1 second and the follow is posted in LogCat:

W/YouTubeAndroidPlayerAPI(1778): YouTube video playback stopped due to unauthorized overlay on top of player. The YouTubePlayerView is obscured by ViewName{41726520 V.E..... ........ 0,0-720,1038 #7f060040 app:id/drawer}. YouTubePlayerView is completely covered, with the distance in px between each edge of the obscuring view and the YouTubePlayerView being: left: 0, top: 241, right: 0, bottom: 392..

The SlidingDrawer is opened and the video is completely visible and not obscured. Does anyone know a solution to this?


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I am currently running into issues with this. I am looking into solutions now. Have you found anything? –  nickaknudson Jan 28 '13 at 2:28

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I had the same issue, I was changing the margins of the YouTubePlayerSupportFragment,where the distance was negative until it worked. Not sure why this happens though.

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