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My SQLAlchemy 0.8 code looks like:


from sqlalchemy import Table
from sqlalchemy.orm import mapper

class Food(object):

def initialize_model(metadata):
    FoodTable = Table('food', metadata, schema='food', autoload=True)
    globals()['Food'] = mapper(Food, FoodTable)


engine = create_engine(dsn, convert_unicode=True)$
metadata = MetaData(engine)$

import xxx.core.model$

session = scoped_session(sessionmaker(bind=engine, twophase=True))

from xxx.core.model import Food
results = session.query(Food).filter(Food.nbo_no==query)

This gives me an AttributeError for Food.ndb_no although the Food Table contains this column 'ndb_no'. Why isn't this column mapped to the 'Food' mapper?

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Why not use declarative mapping? Or at least mark Food as a global instead of poking into globals().. –  Martijn Pieters Jan 6 '13 at 11:08

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Resolved by using declarative layer and passing the Base directly to the initialize_model() method:

  9 def initialize_model(Base):
 11     class Food(Base, Mixin):
 12         __tablename__ = 'food'
 13         __table_args__ = {'schema': 'food', 'autoload': True}
 14     globals()['Food'] = Food
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