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In my MFC program,I want to display different size images in a list! I use CListCtrl and CImageList! But the CImageList only can load fixed images!

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Create a "grid," a non-symmetrical grid most likely, on a dialog or Form. Then populate it with irregular shaped images as you choose. If you need more space look into a Scrollable “whatever,” view, dialog, etc.

Irregular or non rectangular shaped bitmaps seems a good place to start.

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Variable row heights in CListCtrl is not supported. You could take a look at this article that describes a control based on CWnd that handles drawing of variable row heights.

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I would consider to use the so called "owner drawn" mode to draw these myself. I don't know about another option (there is no built-in mode)... Maybe you can also take the biggest size and fit the smaller images into the bigger frames but I think it will be the same effort and be less efficient...

I mean use the CListCtrl::DrawItem() method

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