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I have a submodule which I changed some local files. The original repository has been modified and I now wish to do a pull on the submodule, but I get an error saying that I will lose my changes.

How do I force git to ignore local changes and do the pull?

I know there are lot's of similar questions to this, but I couldn't find a question in stack overflow that answered my particular problem (specifically submodules).

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git reset --hard does exactly that - discard all changes and return to HEAD.

Or you can use git stash and after pull - git stash apply to restore your changes over updated tree.

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Thanks aragaer, exactly what I was looking for – Metalskin Jan 6 '13 at 20:18

This is what worked for me:

Change directory into the submodule then run this:

git checkout -f -b submodule-branch remotes/origin/submodule-branch
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I have a very silly solution, just clone all the files elsewhere, delete your local submodules, and put the new ones in.

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I'll do that if I have to but I would rather not delete and re-add the submodule. – Metalskin Jan 6 '13 at 12:21

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