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I am trying to use JDBI with Play 1.2.5 and im having a problem with running out of database connections. I am using the H2 in-memory database (in application.conf, db=mem)

I have created class to obtain jdbi instances that uses Play's DB.datasource like so:

public class Database {      
    private static DataSource ds = DB.datasource;

    private static DBI getDatabase() {       
        return new DBI(ds);       

    public static <T> T withDatabase(HandleCallback<T> hc) {
        return getDatabase().withHandle(hc);       

    public static <T> T withTransaction(TransactionCallback<T> tc) {
        return getDatabase().inTransaction(tc);

Every time I do a database call, a new DBI instance is created but it always wraps the same static DataSource object (play.db.DB.datasource)

Whats happening is, after a while I am getting the following:

CallbackFailedException occured : org.skife.jdbi.v2.exceptions.UnableToObtainConnectionException: java.sql.SQLException: An attempt by a client to checkout a Connection has timed out.

I am confused because the whole point of DBI.withHandle() and DBI.withTransaction() is to close the connection and free up resources when the callback method completes.

I also tried making getDatabase() return the same DBI instance every time, but the same problem occured.

What am I doing wrong?

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Duh. Turns out I was leaking connections in some old code that wasn't using withHandle(). As soon as I upgraded it the problem stopped

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