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Has anyone tried to install Yeoman in the Cloud9 environment? If so how to do it?

I get this error on any yeoman command:

<FATAL> EACCES, permission denied '/var/lib/stickshift/' </FATAL>
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Ok, so I played a little bit with Cloud9 and yeoman ;)

Seems like your error comes mainly from the fact that yeoman is trying to goes up the tree, looking for a Gruntfile.js ... Doing so it encounters an issue as the directory it tries to read are not accessible for the current user.

The first work-around is to create an empty Gruntfile.js:

'use strict';
 module.exports = function (grunt) {
 // Project configuration.

Then launching "yeoman init" will ask you the standard questions and at a given point will ask you if it can overwrite the Gruntfile, which you can answer positively ;)

Then if you launch a "yeoman server", you'll encounter another error, due to the port the server is willing to answer.

Add the following options to your Gruntfile.js:

  server: {
    port: process.env.PORT,
    host: process.env.IP

Note that you also need to have Compass installed (gem install compass).

Then launching "yeoman server' will launch the server and the needed task (ending with the watch task) ...

I didn't went further down the path though ;)

Hope this helps. cloud 9 yeoman screenshot

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This looks pretty close. How do you access the server in the browser? –  Noah Freitas Jan 22 '13 at 5:21
Mainly by targetting https://<workspacename>.<username>.c9.io (for example in my case http//test.sleeper.c9.io) –  sleeper Jan 24 '13 at 7:33
cool thanks!! in my case it fails when it runs the match task Running "watch" task Waiting...Fatal error: listen EACCES do you know what it could be? Thanks! –  jfplataroti Jul 24 '13 at 18:09

I can install yeoman but after running install for generators, they don't work: $ yo angular Error angular

You don't seem to have a generator with the name angular installed. You can see available generators with npm search yeoman-generator and then install them with npm install [name]. To see the 0 registered generators run yo with the --help option.

Tried a couple other generators, none work so not just an issue with angular.

Then found: Why are my Yeoman generators installing in the wrong place?

Fixed it!

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