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I'm using a custom CursorAdapter for my spinner. Now I want to add a item called "add new item", to add new items to my spinner. Is such a function possible and if so, how do I do it?

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yes, it is possible. – mango Jan 6 '13 at 13:32

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Please read this tutorial created by Mk Yong or read this post, this code snippet or this tutorial.

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The solution I used to add a custom element to a spinner was this:


        MatrixCursor prompt = new MatrixCursor(PROJECTION, 1);
        prompt.addRow(new Object[]{_ID_ALL, "All"});

        MergeCursor mergeCursor = new MergeCursor(new Cursor[]{prompt, cursor});

The MergeCursor joins two Cursors together, handling all the nitty gritty with next element, number of elements etc. The MatrixCursor can be used to create a cursor that is backed by an array. In the onItemSelected method I can now check for the special ID supplied here and do special logic for "All" or "Nothing", whatever the case may be.

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