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My setup is a Django-Nonrel running on Google App Engine

I have a Lesson model\form that has LessonStep inline model\forms. The connection is via foreign key in LessonStep pointing to Lesson. I'm using save_related so that once the Lesson form is saved, along with all the LessonStep inline forms, I'll be able to do some data manipulation on the inline models.

This is my code:

    def save_related(self, request, form, formsets, change):
        super(LessonAdmin,self).save_related(request, form, formsets, change)
        logging.debug("inlines: %d" % (len(form.instance.lessonstep_set.all()),)  )

The problem is this:

Lets asssume my Lesson form has no LessonStep instances. I add a new one via the Django admin form and save it, which in turn calls this function. What happens next, is that the instance is indeed being saved in the DB, but form.instance.lessonstep_set.all()) returns an empty queryset. The logging print comes out as inlines: 0

Obviously the data is there, because when the updated admin form comes up it has the new LessonStep instance.

My question:

How come the the queryset returns empty, even though the data was just saved via super? Is there a better way to reach the saved inline instances of the model just saved?

More info - If I put a breakpoint on the logging line, and evaluate the query, I get a result with the proper queryset returned. So I have a feeling this has something to do with Django caching or maybe the context of the query.

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Django (I have no experience of non-rel) caches the related objects queryset. You can avoid this by refetching the instance from the database.

instance = Lesson.objects.get(
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