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I am trying to edit jeditable js in order to add some functionality I have my own onblur() function. what i want to do is to close new jeditable if already one is opend

my code is :

t = setTimeout(function() {
     var focusedElem=$(document.activeElement);
        **//what should i write in order to cancel the new one 
             $(; //return the focus to the old one
             reset.apply(form, [settings, self]);
           }, 500);

I am trying to make the code generic and user friendly, thats why i dont want any user that use my plugin to write id for each element. so please dont give answers that use id.

i have tried to write the following raws but any of them is making error reset.apply(form, [settings, focusedElem]); reset.apply(form, [settings, $(focusedElem)]);

more than that i don't want to trigger on a cancel button (maybe he is not want to add it(user friendly))

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Could you set a jsfiddle? – A. Wolff Jan 6 '13 at 14:44
I cannot make, cause i dont know which code to write(but i have tried ) The only thing i can say is that if you look at the plugin source you will see "if(settings.onblur=='cancel')" inside this "if statement" i have written my code . – David H Jan 6 '13 at 15:08

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