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My property file has property WLS_Home={Path to server} How to replace this with another path which i have in a script variable ?

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You can use sed:

sed '/^WLS_Home=/s@=.*$@='"$new_path"@g

Where new_path is the variable containing the new path. You will not want to use / as the delimiter in sed, since that is likely to appear in the path. You can overwrite the original file using shell redirections (ie sed ... file > tmp-file && mv tmp-file file), or -i if your sed supports that non-standard feature.

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sed -i "s%WLS_Home=.*%WLS_Home=$new_path%g" my_properties.file

Do not use / as your sed separators, or this going to throw some errors at you since you have some in your paths.

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Simply use sed.

sed -i 's/Path_to_server/new_path_to_server/g' file

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