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What's the best approach to pass variables from one page to another if I don't want to alter a nice link? I'm using Zend Framework routers in php.

Lets say I have a list page with

<a href='/nice-link1/'>link1</a>
<a href='/nice-link2/'>link2</a>
<a href='/nice-link3/'>link3</a>

But I need to pass a status parameter e.g.(?previous_search=dog). I dont't want to expose to crawlers and users an url which is different than this:

<a href='/nice-link1/'>link1</a>

as users may share the link. But at the same time i need the previous_search variable in the /nice-link1/ page. I'd like to avoid session variables too. I was thinking to jquery but I'm not sure.


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Instead of a session variable, what about session storage? – Mottie Jan 6 '13 at 15:49
what about wrapping the list with a form and send data via post? – halilb Jan 6 '13 at 15:50
I need the link to be indexed by crawlers, so <a href='/nice-lik1'>link1</a> is important! – Daniele Jan 6 '13 at 16:04
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Personally I'd use Zend_Session_Namespace to store variables and keep them away from the URL.

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  1. Save your data as a cookie.

  2. Save your data via local storage.

  3. Have your link actually be a form submit using POST so that variables aren't surfaced to the URL string.

In your instance, I'd recommend the cookie route. It's perfect for saving the user-specific data you'd like to respond to on your page, like previous searches.

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