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I have noted in the examples package 'Spec-Examples-PolyWidgets' that is possible to build user interfaces using Polymorph. Could do the same for the Seaside web framework?

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It's actually one of the goal of Spec to use multiple framework, and Seaside is on the list.

Moreover, it's the next improvement step :)

So the answer is not now, but probably soon :)

If someone aware of Seaside want to join effort, he/she is welcome

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Where is the Spec project page? – user869097 Jan 8 '13 at 19:05

I'm nor aware of a current binding of Spec to Seaside. A lot of developers use Magritte. There is some work done to render Glamour browsers to Seaside. That's nice, as it allows programming at a very high abstraction level. And for a different approach you might take a look at Deltawerken and its announcement and getting started

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