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I want to set the custom background drawable to my ActionbarSherlock control. My background has a small bottom shadow. So, I want to set action-bar's bottom padding to the 15dip but I don't know how. Please help me with some codes.

This is the screen shot of my activity with shadow-background:

enter image description here

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I think you should customize the actionBarSize, it's fixed:

Here's the dimens file that's referenced by the theme:

    <!-- Default height of an action bar. -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_default_height">40dip</dimen>
    <!-- Vertical padding around action bar icons. -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_icon_vertical_padding">4dip</dimen>
    <!-- Text size for action bar titles -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_title_text_size">16dp</dimen>
    <!-- Text size for action bar subtitles -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_subtitle_text_size">12dp</dimen>
    <!-- Top margin for action bar subtitles -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_subtitle_top_margin">-2dp</dimen>
    <!-- Bottom margin for action bar subtitles -->
    <dimen name="abs__action_bar_subtitle_bottom_margin">4dip</dimen>

The theme:

<item name="actionBarSize">@dimen/abs__action_bar_default_height</item>

There's no bottom padding configuration.

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