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Say we want to create our message not using any preexisting .proto files and compiled out from them cpp/cxx/h files. We want to use protobuf strictly as a library. For example we got (in some only known to us format) message description: a message called MyMessage has to have MyIntFiels and optional MyStringFiels. How to create such message? for example fill it with simple data save to .bin and read from that binary its contents back?

I looked all over dynamic_message.h help description and DescriptorPool and so on but do not see how to add/remove fields to the message as well as no way to add described on fly message to DescriptorPool.

Can any one please explain?

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Short answer: it can't be used that way.

The overview page of Protobuf says:

XML is also – to some extent – self-describing. A protocol buffer is only meaningful if you have the message definition (the .proto file).

Meaning the whole point of Protobuf is to throw-out self-descriptability in favor of parsing speed ==> it's just not it's purpose to create self describing messages.

Consider using XML or JSON or any other serialization format. If the protection is needed, you can use symmetric encryption and/or lzip compression.

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Not true. dynamic_message.h Defines an implementation of Message which can emulate types which are not known at compile-time. – myWallJSON Jan 9 '13 at 10:32
Problem is, if I understand the documentation correctly, it is used for dynamic parsing of messages, not dynamic message creation. See here: "By using classes like DynamicMessage (available in C++ and Java), you can then write tools which can manipulate SelfDescribingMessage". I wasn't totally correct about self-description possibility, I admit, but the advice holds. – DarkWanderer Jan 9 '13 at 11:06
We can generate on fly file like message MyMessage {int32 MyIntFiels = 1; string MyStringFiels = 2;} how to feed such string to it? – myWallJSON Jan 9 '13 at 16:57
why don't you just send the same as JSON? By putting this into protobuf message format along with the headers, you won't win anything. – DarkWanderer Jan 10 '13 at 9:34

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