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I am a doctor and frequently search for colleagues. I am almost never a potential patient looking to make an appointment. The least useful results to me are those from and However, occasionally I need them. So the obvious thing to do is append to each google search I do looking for a particular doctor. How do I code that in a url? If I know the URL then I could make a custom search in my browser and call it up with a nice short keyword.

I looked at Google Custom Search but that insists on starting with some particular sites. I want to search the whole internet but exclude just two sites.

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I have used Google Custom Search to achieve this. Set up your custom search engine, then go into the "Sites" settings and add the top level domains (*.com, *.org, etc.) to the "Included sites" section. Add whatever sites you wish to skip in the "Excluded sites" section. Good to go!

Here's a screen shot of my setup

Google states that:

Adding "top-level domains" such as '.com', '.travel/*' is not permitted in Google site search. (

but I have not had any issues doing so - not sure if this may change in the future but it seems to work at present!

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Surely there is a way to feed text to a url. I would much rather learn the url coding. That way I can be more flexible and nimble with new search parameters. – Farrel Jan 10 '13 at 0:46
@user505946 interesting, but is it possible to have an excluded set of url with the free edition of google custom search ? – Jean-Christophe Blanchard Jan 11 '13 at 20:25

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