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I'm with some trouble getting this code to work:

count_bicycleadcategory = 0
for item_bicycleadcategory in some_list_with_integers:
    exec 'model_bicycleadcategory_%s.bicycleadcategorytype = BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=' + str(item_bicycleadcategory) + ')' % count_bicycleadcategory
    count_bicycleadcategory = count_bicycleadcategory + 1

I'm getting an error:

Type Error, not all arguments converted during string formatting

My question is: Any clue on how I pass the "item_bicycleadcategory" to the exec expression?

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This is wrong, wrong, wrong. Why do you think you need dynamic variable names? You do not. You need a single dictionary. –  Daniel Roseman Jan 6 '13 at 19:51
Is this just a very unsafe and obscure way of writing (or meant to be): values = {pk: BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=pk) for pk in some_list_with_integers} ? –  Jon Clements Jan 6 '13 at 20:00
Or thinking about it a bit more... BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk__in=some_list_with_integers)? –  Jon Clements Jan 6 '13 at 20:11
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You are already using python's format syntax:

"string: %s\ndecimal: %d\nfloat: %f" % ("hello", 123, 23.45)

More info here: http://docs.python.org/2/library/string.html#format-string-syntax

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First, exec is even more dangerous than eval(), so be absolutely sure that your input is coming from a trusted source. Even then, you shouldn't do it. It looks like you're using a web framework or something of the sort, so really don't do it!

The problem is this:

exec 'model_bicycleadcategory_%s.bicycleadcategorytype = BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=' + str(item_bicycleadcategory) + ')' % count_bicycleadcategory

Take a closer look. You're trying to put the string formatting argument to a single parentesis with no format strings with ')' % count_bicycleadcategory.

You could do this:

exec 'model_bicycleadcategory_%s.bicycleadcategorytype = BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=' % count_bicycleadcategory + str(item_bicycleadcategory) + ')' 

But what you really should be doing is not using exec at all!

Create a list of your model instances and use that instead.

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+1 for actually responding to the error message; also for the exec warning. –  poke Jan 6 '13 at 19:19
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for python 2.7 you could use format:

string = '{0} give me {1} beer'
string.format('Please', 3)


Please give me 3 beer

you could do many things with format, for example:

string = '{0} give me {1} {0} beer'


Please give me 3 Please beer.

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try this :

exec 'model_bicycleadcategory_%s.bicycleadcategorytype = BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=%s)' % (count_bicycleadcategory, str(item_bicycleadcategory))

(you mustn't mix %s and string + concatenation at the same time)

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Try this:

exec 'model_bicycleadcategory_%d.bicycleadcategorytype = BicycleAdCategoryType.objects.get(pk=%d)' % (count_bicycleadcategory, item_bicycleadcategory)
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