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I'm trying to use Groovy @groovy.transform.Immutable to implement classes with properties of unsupported "immutable" types. In my case it is

For example, having class like

@groovy.transform.Immutable class TwoFiles {
    File file1,file2

gives me following compile error

Groovyc: @Immutable processor doesn't know how to handle field 'file1' of type '' while compiling class TwoFiles. @Immutable classes only support properties with effectively immutable types including: - Strings, primitive types, wrapper types, BigInteger and BigDecimal, enums - other @Immutable classes and known immutables (java.awt.Color, - Cloneable classes, collections, maps and arrays, and other classes with special handling (java.util.Date) Other restrictions apply, please see the groovydoc for @Immutable for further details

One option I found it to extend to make it Cloneable but I'm not happy with this solution. Following code compiles and works, but having own subclass of is not what I'd like.

@groovy.transform.Immutable class TwoCloneableFiles {
    FileCloneable file1,file2

    class FileCloneable extends File implements Cloneable{

        FileCloneable(String s) {

        // ... and other constructors ...

So my question is: Is there any other option how to use directly in such class?

Possibly to mark as "known immutable" for the purpose of @groovy.transform.Immutable (same as it seems to be done for java.awt.Color,

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Have you tried using knownImmutableClasses to specify File? Something like this should work:

@groovy.transform.Immutable(knownImmutableClasses = [File])
class TwoFiles {
    File file1,file2

(With File, you could probably also get rougly the effect you want with the following:

class TwoFiles {
    String file1,file2
    public File getFile1() {return new File(file1)}        
    public File getFile2() {return new File(file2)}        

def f = new TwoFiles("/", "/Users")
assert f.file1.class == File


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knownImmutableClasses is exactly what I need. I just have to update to Groovy 1.8.7+ ,since this parameter was introduces in this version (up till now I was using 1.8.6 :) – Arnost Valicek Jan 7 '13 at 18:03

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