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Googel TV Link specified that

You should use the following settings for your Google TV AVD:

AVD target of GoogleTV Addon (Google, Inc.) - API Level 12.
Screen resolution of 720p or 1080p.

But later, it also said

Android SDK Tools revision 14 includes support for the TV and media control buttons

Then how to get an API 14 GoogleTV AVD to? since in AVD manager I can only choose "GoogelTV Addon API Level 12" or "Android 4.0 API Level 14", there is no option like "Google TV Addon API Level 14"

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Google TV supports API level 13 not 14. There is no way to get API 14 or higher support on the emulator or a Google TV.

Recommendation: Don't use the emulator with Google TV SDK add on you don't need it to develop Google TV applications. It is only intended to help you test dpad navigation. Instead I would recommend that you create a Nexus 7 AVD using the normal Android emulator and set it to horizontal mode - this will emulate the 1280x720p resolution of a TV. Unless you are doing coding that is specific to the Google TV media stack you can treat it more or less like a regular Android device (no phone, no camera, no touch).

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