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I have an array of NSNumbers, for example: 10015, 12313, 10016

I want to check if the array contains the integer I've entered in the searchBar.

My code:

NSPredicate *resultPredicate = [NSPredicate 
    predicateWithFormat:@"SELF CONTAINS[c] %d", [searchText intValue]];

self.searchResults = [newArr filteredArrayUsingPredicate:resultPredicate];
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If all you need is the boolean value of whether the array contains it then you want.

self.searchResults = [newArr containsObject:@([searchText intValue])];

If you actually want a subset of NSNumbers in the results (in this case 1), then contains will not work. Have to check equality of the value of each NSNumber like this...

NSPredicate *resultPredicate = [NSPredicate 
    predicateWithFormat:@"SELF == %d", [searchText intValue]];
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If you only want to know if the number is in the array, there's no need to use predicates:

BOOL occurs = [newArr containsObject:[NSNumber numberWithInt:[searchText intValue]]];

should do it.

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This won't work as-is since you need to pass an object, not an int. Try this as [newArr containsObject:@([searchText intValue])];. This will wrap the int in an NSNumber. – rmaddy Jan 6 '13 at 20:37
@rmaddy thanks! Should really try to compile my sample code before posting. – Chris Jan 6 '13 at 20:39

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