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I'm dealing with a little bit issue when I try to compare two hashtables in J2ME.

This is the situation:

Fist, I've two hashtables:

  • parkingSlot(String SlotId, String Vehicle)
  • vehicles(vehicleID,"Available");

is it possible to find this?

01 "Available"
02 XSD123
03 ASD423
04 "Available"
05 "Available"

vehicules XSD123 "Available"
LAE212 "Available" EDO987 "Available" ADE934 "Available" ASD423 "Available"

I need to get the car plates that exist in both hashtables. I tried using two iteration with Enumeration adding the values from the first hashtable and the keys from the second one to another hashtable or making a comparison between each one and I can't

Can someone give me a hand with this? ( I can attach my test code )

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Finally I get the solution for this case: I add the content of the first Hashtable to a Vector and the I compared the Vector and the second hashtable deleting the data duplicated

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