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I can't seem to commit only a fraction of the changes in a file, it seems to be all of the file or nothing, I'm using Git with Intellij, is it possible?


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Not in the IDE. As noted in comments, you can use the command line, but I find it much easier to use a GUI GIT client (I use Tower, but there are many available).

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That's a real shame. It's a prominent use case in my git workflow. For now, I use "git add --patch". – starmonkey Sep 13 '13 at 0:56
For reference, beware that Tower is Mac only. – Baptiste Mathus Feb 5 at 9:24
For reference, after using git add --patch and selecting the hunks you want, you run git commit -m XXX to actually commit it. – rogerdpack Apr 25 at 19:17

You should try SourceTree(Mac & Windows), It's free and a great tool for working with GIT. It has all the commit freedom you want in a confortable UI.

This is my commit workflow for IntelliJ, from simple to complex task:

  1. IntelliJ
  2. SourceTree
  3. shell GIT.
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I like(d) SourceTree too. But beware that it's not available for Linux. So as the question does not specify a platform, this answer might actually not match the need. – Baptiste Mathus Feb 5 at 9:22
Updated answer. – Andres Canella Feb 5 at 12:36

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