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So, what i am after is a way to have a slider (that part is solved) but I want the various elements of the slider to fade in and move slightly as each slide loads.

For example, slide 1 has 5 parts. Background, 3 graphics, and a div containing text. The background fading in for each div is no problem, but I'd like each of the images to move very slightly (no more than 50px) WHILE fading in at the same time. It also needs to be cross browser compatible, so transitions won't work (as far as I know. Which is very little.)

I figured on giving each element a class, and using something to fade them in like this:


But can I add in something to make it move slightly at the same time?

Thanks very much in advance!

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you can use use jquery .animate(), passing it new css values and duration, for example:

$(".fade").hide(0).delay(500).fadeIn(3000).animate({ 'left': 100, 'top': 100}, 3000);  

if you want the animation to be relative to the initial position, you can do something like this:

var new_left = parseInt( $('.fade').css('left') ) + 50;
$('.fade').animate({'left': new_left}, 3000); 
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