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I would like that whenever you click on a checkbox, a value is printed to the console that corresponds to the state of the checkbox (on/off). I know there are threads with similar titles but all those I've seen don't have clear examples.

Here's what I got so far (Turn on Console and click Add library, JQuery1.8.3):

Attempt 1

This only prints when the page is loaded, I want it to print whenever I click on it.

Attempt 2

This snippet toggles an on and off value whenever I click on the checkbox, but the box doesn't display the tick symbol anymore when it is toggled on.

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Why are you loading two versions of jQuery in your examples? – j08691 Jan 6 '13 at 21:42
I wasn't even aware of that. – Bentley4 Jan 6 '13 at 21:42
just to explain why attempt#2 doesn't work(although it should): jQuery internally calls event.preventDefault() for the click-event. The default-action for a click on a checkbox is toggling the checked-property. Because of that you shouldn't use toggle() on elements where you want to proceed with the default click-action(e.g. links, submit-buttons etc. ) – Dr.Molle Jan 6 '13 at 22:57
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Listen to the change event.

    // console.log( this.checked ? 'on' : 'off' ); 
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$("#box").change(function() {
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It's pretty easy, you need to use the .val() inside of a click event. Here is the code:

$('input[type="checkbox"]').click(function() {
    if( $(this).is(':checked') ) {
        console.log( $(this).val() );
    } else {

Here is a working demo. Hope this helps!

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You can do like this:

    if ($('#box').is(':checked')){ 
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