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Using Morphia, is it possible to perform a saveOrUpdate / upsert operation on an object embedded inside an array.

Consider the following document :

_id : "abcd",
myArray : [{
        "key" : "areaTotal",
        "value" : "101.9",
        "label" : "Total area (municipality)"
    }, {
        "key" : "areaUrban",
        "value" : "803",
        "label" : "Total area (urban)"
    }, {
        "key" : "populationDensity",
        "value" : "15991",
        "label" : "Population desnsity"

Is there a clean way to replace for example array element with key "areaUrban" by another object such as

        "key" : "areaUrban",
        "value" : "123",
        "label" : "a new label"

For now I do it in two update operations first delete, then add :

UpdateOperations<T> ops = createUpdateOperations().removeAll("myArray ", new BasicDBObject("key", "areaUrban")); 
UpdateOperations<T> ops2 = createUpdateOperations().add("myArray ", myReplacementObject); 

Which works fine but can I do it in only one update op (either with morphia or with plain mongo java driver) ?

Also if a matching object did not originally exist in the array, then the myReplacementObject object should just be added to the array.


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With the $ positional operator:

db.test.update({_id: "abcd", "myArray.key": "areaUrban"}, {$set: {"myArray.$.value": 123, "myArray.$.label": "a new label"}})

[Edit] As JohnnyHK mentions in the comments this won't upsert the nested document if it doesn't exist.

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That will work for the update part of the upsert, but won't create a new element if it doesn't exist. – JohnnyHK Jan 7 '13 at 2:21
Mm, good point. It seems there's no way around that. Doing a pull/push in one query isn't allowed either. There is a ticket open to add upserts to the positional operator here: – Justin Case Jan 7 '13 at 2:34
OK thanks . Jut hope they add this feature soon :). – azpublic Jan 8 '13 at 0:25

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