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I have a project with Drupal.

  • I'm using Drupal 7.18.
  • I created a taxonomy called "Popularity" which has 3 elements: Popular,New,Most Rated.
  • I added a second language to drupal,
  • I translated my taxonomy into the second language. For ex,it is "Turkish".
  • I created a Content which has field related to that taxonomy. Let's say it is "C Programming".
  • I choosed "New" taxonomy item in related field.
    • After that, I translated the content that I have just created into Turkish,
  • now I have two contents, but they are translated form of each other.

Anyway then, the name "New" in English content turned to "Yeni" in Turkish content.My question is, when I create a view which shows "New" or "Yeni" Contents, I see two contents in table, but I want to see only the content which has same language with the current language of website.

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Add a Content: Language filter to your view, set to Current user's language.

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