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I have tried for several hours now to get my SQL query to sort by price. Here we go:

Table INFO

id (unique id)
mid (some id)


id (some unique id)
fuid (id for showing wich entry from INFO this price is connected to)
dated (date)

SQL Query:

select, INFO.mid,, PRICES.price, PRICES.dated
limit 100

The result I want is a list of all entries in INFO with the latest price from PRICES. Only the latest price, one price per INFO entry.

What I get: I get a list of unique entries from INFO but I get the first price entered in the PRICES, not the latest.

I cant get max() to help me sort the prices column. Anybody who knows how to solve this?

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Did you use GROUP BY with MAX()? The following use of MAX() and GROUP BY would probably do what you need:

select, INFO.mid,, PRICES.price, MAX(PRICES.dated) 
where = PRICES.fuid
group by, INFO.mid,, PRICES.price
order by asc 
limit 100

Note that the ORDER BY column(s) can be anything you want; it doesn't have to be MAX(PRICES.dated).

EDIT: I see what you mean. You could use a temporary table like this SQL Fiddle.

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Sorry, did post wrong SQL Query. My Query was supposed to be: select, INFO.mid,, PRICES.price, PRICES.dated from INFO, PRICES WHERE = PRICES.fuid GROUP BY ORDER BY PRICES.dated asc limit 100. With this GROUP BY I get only one hit per entry in the INFO table. With your query, kensnyder, I get a lot of rows with all prices from the PRICES column. I want only one entry per INFO row... – Jens Myretyr Jan 6 '13 at 23:14

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