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i want to create a help video and put theme on my web site. i did some search i internet to find whats the best way to do it. use flash player or use Microsoft silver light technology to do this?

what s the best open source video player for my case?

my site is on mvc3 razor on .net4.0 and my video are in .wvm format off course i can convert theme to any other format

please guide me which one of them is better and have advantage rather than other?

thanks all

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Use HTML5 <video> –  SLaks Jan 6 '13 at 23:07

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My suggestion would be to use neither and use HTML 5 and the Video element.

Flash and Silverlight are becoming deprecated technologies for Web UI's now.

You could use third party libraries such as modernizr to detect the browser capabilities and respond accordingly.

This page contains cross-browser polyfills, search the page for Video

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