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Anyone experiencing the error messages for failed logins not appearing?

I am upgrading a grails 1.3.7 app to grails 2.1.1 and I have 2 issues with the spring security core functionality.

First, if I try an invalid login the auth fails but there is no error message just {} in the flash message.

Second, I was using a method like this to get the current count of active sessions. It no longer is accurate, as it just increases and doesn't recognize a logout.

def getCurrentSessionCount(){
    def sessioncount = 0
        sessioncount += sessionRegistry.getAllSessions(it, false).size()
    return sessioncount;
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Okay well this was a difference in the LoginController how the error messages were getting populated. In 1.3.7 and previous security plugin the code looks like:

msg = SpringSecurityUtils.securityConfig.errors.login.expired

but for 2.1.1 and the upgraded spring security plugin the code needs to use the context like:

msg = g.message(code: "springSecurity.errors.login.disabled")

The session count has to do with a modification to the web.xml that you need to make to add the session listener, however in the new spring 3.0 it was moved so the new entry should look like:

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