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How could I go about getting put to work on the StateT monad while inside forM_?

loop :: Integer -> StateT World IO ()
loop passes = do
    (scene, b1) <- get
    forM_ [1..passes] $ \pass -> do
        let b2 = foo b1 pass
        -- other stuff --
        put (scene, b2) -- this no longer puts into the StateT monad 

Or is there a better approach all-together?

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Why don't you think it works? – Ben Millwood Jan 7 '13 at 0:25
(Hint: your get is outside the loop, so only runs once) – Ben Millwood Jan 7 '13 at 0:25
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I think it works fine, for example:

--I don't know what World is so I can't use your example

loop :: StateT Integer IO ()
loop = do
    forM_ [1..10] put
    x <- get
    liftIO $ print x

running evalStateT loop 0 prints 10 like I'd expect. mapM_ under the hood does this:

  1. Actually do the map, which for the above example returns a list [StateT Integer IO ()]

  2. Do a right fold like: foldr (>>) (return ()) listOfMappedValues

It's not clear what exactly your expecting but this would let you put things into the State from a mapM_

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