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I was wondering what is the best way to have a website created in ASP.Net MVC 4 C# to send off email and do other things when it needs to. I'll give you an example:

User A is to be notified via email 15 minutes before his appointment at 2:30pm central time. The system would then automatically send him an email at 2:15pm central time to remind him.

I know this is a simple question but I honestly don't want (unless that's the only way) to use a system where a it sits there and pings a page to check and send off notifications every minute (that's the only way I can think of as of right now.)

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A separate Windows service is typically used for these tasks. The website may or may not be running at the due time. Have a look here and here. –  HABO Jan 7 '13 at 1:01

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Try taking a look at Quartz .Net. It's a .Net port of Quartz for Java. I've used it in the past for scheduling. You should be able to just have it running on a Windows service in the background and create a timed event when a user needs a reminder that would fire off X minutes before Y time.

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The proper way to do this is through a window service. Instead of pinging a page, you get the window service to constantly poll the database or your datasource to know the current schedule for the tasks.

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