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Is there any way to do this?

I know how to use saveas (saveas(1, filename, 'pdf');) to save one figure to a PDF file, but is it possible to add multiples? So something like (saveas(1,2,3) filename, 'pdf'));.


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You might be able to do what you want with hgsave... –  Colin T Bowers Jan 7 '13 at 5:37
Actually cancel that. The hgsave will only work with a .fig extension. From the documentation it looks like it might work with other file-types, but in practice it doesn't (well, not on my machine - Linux Mint, running R2012b) –  Colin T Bowers Jan 7 '13 at 5:56

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I don't think so - you need to increment the file name in some manner. I would use something like:

for ii=1:3
    saveas(ii,[filename '-' num2str(ii)],'pdf)

As a side note, I have had repeated difficulties when including the pdfs generated by matlab in a manuscript submission. My current solution is to produce eps files and convert with a shell script.


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Agreed (+1). Also, I thought you might be interested to know: you can save multiple figures to one file using hgsave. However, as near as I can tell, it only works with the .fig extension. I've added an answer with some example code pointing out how it is done. –  Colin T Bowers Jan 7 '13 at 6:01

I thought it might be worth pointing out that the behavior you are aiming for can be obtained using hgsave and hgload, BUT only if you are happy to save using .fig. The documentation for these functions fooled me for a while into believing they could work with other extensions (such as .pdf), but I couldn't get an example to work on my machine (Linux Mint v12, Matlab r2012b). Perhaps someone else might be able to do better. An example of it working with the .fig extension follows:

%# Create some example data
x = (0:10)';
y1 = (1/10) * x;
y2 = sin(x);

%# Create an array of figures and an array of axes
AllFig(1) = figure('Visible', 'off');
AllFig(2) = figure('Visible', 'off');
AllAxes(1) = axes('Parent', AllFig(1));
AllAxes(2) = axes('Parent', AllFig(2));

%# Plot the data on the appropriate axes
plot(AllAxes(1), y1);
plot(AllAxes(2), y2);

%# Save both figures to .fig in one hit using hgsave
hgsave(AllFig, 'TwoFigsOneFile.fig');

% Clear the workspace

%# Load both figures in one hit using hgload
LoadFig = hgload('TwoFigsOneFile.fig');

%# Display the first figure and second figure
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Late reply, but I thought I'd add that you could use the publish command and publish to pdf. Create an m-file 'myfile.m' with the plot commands, as in


Then run this file using

publish('myfile.m', 'pdf')

This should give you what you want.

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