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I've been following the PhoneGap Getting Started Guide for Android. I'm on the step where it says: Type in ./create <project_folder_path> <package_name> <project_name> then press "Enter"

However, whenever I do this command in the form of ./create ./test2 com.mytest MyTest I get this error: An error occurred. Deleting project...

I'm in the right directory, and I don't believe I've done anything out of the ordinary in following their steps.

PS I'm on Mac OS X 10.7.5

Update: I tried installing the phonegap-master zip directly as one of the answers suggested. Now I get a new error when I run the command in that android bin directory: An unexpected error occurred: ANDROID_BIN="${ANDROID_BIN:=$( which android )}" exited with 1

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R u trying it on windows ? try create <project_folder_path> <package_name> <project_name> – metalfight - user868766 Jan 7 '13 at 7:27
Forgot to mention i'm on mac os x – babonk Jan 7 '13 at 19:20
What's the output of "which android"? – cortex Feb 13 '13 at 16:48


./create ./test2/MyTest com.mytest MyTest

the project_folder_path should be a non-exist folder

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this gives me the same error – babonk Jan 7 '13 at 7:19
forks for me! the problem was in using invalid symbols in package name – Scit Feb 27 '13 at 10:04

My problem is the incorrect paths to Android SDK. If you follow the instructions straight up, it will tell you to add

export PATH=${PATH}:/Development/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools:/Development/android-sdk-macosx/tools

to .bash_profile or .profile. I had to change mine to

export PATH=/Users/my_username/Development/android-sdk-macosx/platform-tools:/Users/my_username/Development/android-sdk-macosx/tools:$PATH
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this worked for me to fix the error mentioned at the bottom of the original question: An unexpected error occurred: ANDROID_BIN="${ANDROID_BIN:=$( which android )}" exited with 1 – koa Jan 25 '13 at 23:25

If you're like me a little bit sloppy with setting up PATH right away after installation but move from a case to case-sitation notice Phongap's documenation requires /platform-tools and /tools to be included!

In my case only /platform-tools was included and developing worked fine as well as bash access to adb however the android executable is located in /tools so unless you include it which android will return not match.

To realise this @Nverba's link to github was very helpful as I finally stumbled across the source for createscript:

And searching for "An unexpected [...]" brought up this piece of error handling:

function on_error {
    echo "An unexpected error occurred: $previous_command exited with $?"
    echo "Deleting project..."
    [ -d "$PROJECT_PATH" ] && rm -rf "$PROJECT_PATH"
    exit "$?"
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I've been having this issue despite having everything set up correctly.

I ended up downloading the Phonegap zip from Github, which has recently been bumped to version 2.3.0


./create ./my_new_cordova_project com.example.cordova_project_name CordovaProjectName

worked like a charm...

Hope this helps, there are about half a dozed other things that can cause this error, but they have been covered in other answers.

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K, now I get a new error: An unexpected error occurred: ANDROID_BIN="${ANDROID_BIN:=$( which android )}" exited with 1 – babonk Jan 10 '13 at 22:43

you should navigate to the folder that contain the create first, it will be in the "phonegap(that u downloaded from the site)/lib/android/bin"

for example: (on mac)

cd /Users/user_name/Desktop/phonegap/lib/android/bin/

or: (on windows)

cd C:/users/user_name/Desktop/phonegap/lib/android/bin/

then u can complete the code

./create ./test2/MyTest com.mytest MyTest

that's will fix your problem.

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i am in that folder. and it doesn't work: $ pwd /Users/me/sources/phonegap stuff/cordova-2.2.0/incubator-cordova-android/bin – babonk Jan 10 '13 at 22:40
can u please show provide me the link to the destination project and the link to Cordova – T.Baba Jan 11 '13 at 8:05

I had the same issue following this getting start guide. After tearing my hair out for hours I followed this getting started guide which I think is older but worked.

Another thing is that the first getting started guide tells you to download Cordova here and so I was trying to do everything with that download.

Instead download the PhoneGap package from here and from within there you will find the Cordova js and jar files aswell as the xml folder you'll need to create your app.

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This is probably because of a wrong PATH. You should edit your PATH variable. Refer this blog post for solution.

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