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I would like to compare two strings, one which the user enters into a UITextField and another which I have stored (I know how to do this).

However I would like to notify the user if they have misspelt the string they have entered compared to the stored string, could anyone shed some light on how to do this comparison.

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The Identifying and Comparing Strings section of the NSString Class Reference provides methods exactly for that. Please check.

I believe in your case, the following methods would be helpful,

1) isEqualToString: example, [string1 isEqualToString:string2] returns YES if the strings are same, else NO

2) caseInsensitiveCompare: example [string1 caseInsensitiveCompare:string2] compares the strings, regardless of its case. Returns an NSComparisonResult. If it is NSOrderedSame, then the strings match, else they dont.

3) compare:options: example [string1 compare:string2 options:NSDiacriticInsensitiveSearch] compares the strings, with options to compare such as an NSDiacriticInsensitiveSearch where the search treats characters such as 'ö' and 'o' as same, NSNumericSearch where the numbers within the string are compared using numeric values and so on. (Refer the Search and Comparison Options of the NSString Class Reference)

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