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We have been using the Recommendations Plugin for close to a year but in the past few weeks we have been noticing that the plugin does not display any content. Instead, it displays the following error: No recommendations for this website yet. Put some like buttons on your website to engage your users. Details can be found here.

But sometimes, it appears again(just 1 or2 recommendations with no thumb nail-images in chrome but no data in I.E, it still has some problem. in the past, 6~7 recommendations were showed steadily.)

the number of recommendations that is displayed looks like keep changing on and off.

please resolve this problem asap you can.:).

Steps to Reproduce: 1.please Vistit the URL header=false&colorscheme=light&border_color=%23ffffff

Expected Behavior: Recommendations should be displayed more than 6~7 and thumbnails also.

for example, here is another URL that is using facebook social plug-in with no probelem on our another site,its normal,and should be like this

just refer to this. Actual Behavior: no data on I.E

1 or 2 recommendation on chrome.

it's showed differently everytime .

API/SDK: Social Plugins App IDs: 422701287825347 (newworld)

PS: this is temporary app_id to report this. I just know app_id

real App_ID about this matter is 144651938879532.(it will take time to get account ID to create this App_ID, Do I need it)

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Clean up your question, it's difficult to read.

You need a client_id or app_id if the recommend box is on a domain other than the one it's recommending. See here

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hi,I have some question about this. I reported this problem on bug report. but I did it on my own account(not account that create app_id). I know what app_id is but not client ID. is the client_id same as account id that create app at plz let me know, I am so confused thanks :) – Jihoon Ahn Aug 1 '13 at 7:33

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