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In general, a empty cell in Excel can be implicitly converted to 0 (Double type), FALSE (Boolean type), "" (String type) to avoid functions from not working. For instance, given A1 is empty, =-A1 returns 0, =IF(A1,TRUE,FALSE) returns FALSE, =LEN(A1) returns 0...

However, I am looking for a function or formula, to which applying an empty cell returns an error. =5/A1 is an example, because it returns #DIV/0!, but I consider #DIV/0! a very special case. I would hope to find a function or formula which doesn't accept an argument whose type is Empty.

I would hope this kind of formula to be simple and really used in practice... (though it seems unlikely, otherwise it would be easy to find out...)

Could anyone help?

Edit 1: Per the comment, this is indeed for documentation. I need to find the most convincing examples to show that my solution solves real and basic problems in practice...

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Per you comment on your other question, I would suggest letting people know this is for documentation and that you are looking for examples for said documentation - it will make it clearer that you are looking for examples of certain solutions as opposed to an answer to a particular problem. –  RocketDonkey Jan 7 '13 at 3:06

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Can you do something with ISBLANK() which returns TRUE if the cell is blank and FALSE if it isn't. You could do IF(ISBLANK(A1),NA(),A1) for example.

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Thanks for the idea, that does fullfil the requirement, but it seems really artificial to create the error... –  SoftTimur Jan 7 '13 at 3:06
But you ARE creating an error - excel is quite happy with blanks. –  Dale M Jan 7 '13 at 3:22

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