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The following list is generated when I typed "heroku pgbackups". At some point I started a new Maroon database and deleted the Gold database. My primary database is now Maroon. I started using auto backup sometime when the ID starts going to a00x. I am confused as to the difference between DATABASE and DATABASE_URL as I think my auto backups are backing up the wrong database since the size of the database decreased. b023 is a backup I just generated and the name of the database is again different. Can someone help me understand the naming conventions here? Thank you. Be gentle, I'm a newbie here. enter image description here

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from: https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/pgbackups

Creating a backup

Backups are compressed. The size of a backup will be less than the size of your database. By default, PG Backups operates against your primary database (located at the DATABASE_URL config var location).

$ heroku pgbackups:capture


Capturing... done
Storing... done

If you have multiple databases on your application, you can choose which one to backup by specifying the database name:

$ heroku pgbackups:capture HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK

HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_PINK  ----backup--->  b252

Capturing... done
Storing... done
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