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I don't see it in any of the header files within AWSiOSSDK.framework. I'm looking for the version format used here (eg. Version 1.4.4):

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This topic has been covered in a recent blog post, see Getting Metadata about the AWS Mobile SDKs:

The AWS Mobile SDKs provide functionality to capture details about the environment in which the SDK is executing. These details include SDK version, mobile platform, and platform locale. This information can be useful for diagnosing issues and to help understanding exactly what you are testing/running against.

Please check the post for details and examples, e.g. in order to to capture the metadata in the debug log of an application using the AWS SDK for iOS you apparently just need to include the following line of code:

NSLog( @"SDK Details: %@", [AmazonSDKUtil userAgentString] );
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I just tried it out, and this is what I needed. Thanks @Steffen! – ill_always_be_a_warriors Jan 7 '13 at 12:25

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