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I noticed when drawing polygons with the Drawing Manager they are not closed (i.e. no coordinates for the last point to the first).. I know Google Maps API v3 will automatically close the polygon but Google Earth, Google Static Maps API or any other software I try to import the data into..

My problem is, I use the geometry lib to save encoded polygons.. Is there any way to push a copy of the first point to the last in the overlays object before encoding?

My work around is to getPaths().getArray() to my own array, make the copy and then use a javascript lib to encode which works ok but is a lot of code.. Just wondering if there is an easier way?

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Something like this should add the first point of the polygon to the end of the MVCArrry (not tested).


(assumes a simple polygon with one path, getPath returns the first path)

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Perfect! I didn't know you could so this.. :) Ended up getting paths to a temp var and then pushing that.. tmp = mapOverlays[i].getPath().getAt(0); mapOverlays[i].getPath().push(tmp); –  Dennis Jan 7 '13 at 12:02
@Dennis. V3 polygon violates industry standards (e.g. OGC). Note case (2) does not behave the same as (1) and (3). (1) Newly drawn V3 polygons lack the closing vertex in path. (2) Imported V2 polygons (with closing vertex) if unedited retain closing vertex in path. (3) Imported V2 polygons if edited lack the closing vertex in path. (4) I did not test google.maps for standards regarding the ring orientation: outer ring counterclockwise, inner ring clockwise. Note geometry/geography libraries have functions for correcting invalid ring orientation. –  subsci Dec 31 '13 at 3:25

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